Baltimore Comic-Con Preview . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

It’s a shame I couldn’t attend this con from start to finish because there was much more going on than I was able to see.  The exhibit hall was jam packed with artists, writers, publishers and vendors.  I was there for a good part of the day today, Sunday 10/11, and managed to take in  some of the presentations and stop at a few booths/exhibits. I’ll have more to share later. 
For now, here are some photos as contestants prepared to enter the first annual costume competition on Sunday afternoon.

armor_con    deadpool,_or_demolition_man,_or_eight_ball

Above:  ARMOR CON  -- An unmatched adventurer

prepares to face off with two armored avengers.                 hawkgirl

Above Right:  Deadpool tries to order take-out, or

is that Demolition Man?  I prefer to call him Eight-

Ball. Don’t think you can win if nobody can figure

out your character.   Right:  When DP/DM/8B above tried to order “wings”  she got a little disturbed.


  1. I wasn't there, but I've read a lot of blog reports that say the show made WW Philly look pathetic by comparison.


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