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Bill Willingham (Fables, JSA), Matthew Sturges (Blue Beetle, JSA All-Stars), Marc Andreyko (Manhunter, Torso), and Paul Cornell (Doctor Who, Captain Britain & MI-13, Dark Reign: Young Avengers) have a blog called Clockwork Storybook that’s worth checking out. (There are also other writers, with whom I’m less familiar, involved.) Their mission statement: “This blog is an ongoing discussion about the art, craft, mechanics and absolute human necessity of storytelling. It's about whatever interests us, the things we like to argue about, the things we feel worth crowing about, and certain other items we think you might find enlightening and interesting.”


  1. Bill also has his own blog called The story so far..I thought I told you guys about this. My mistake.

  2. Also, Paul Cornell's individual blog is at


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