Scuttlebutt # 5 for April 2016


VERTIGO, the mature cutting-edge arm of DC Entertainment, is scheduled for a re-evaluation and re-boot, according to a company statement recently revealed by the Comic Book Resources (CBR) website. Long time editor Shelly Bond will not be part of the process, and her position as Vertigo Executive Editor has been eliminated.

    We have a bad feeling about this, based on some DC statements establishing “the goal is to keep competitive and stay relevant in the changing marketplace, and to set the business up for future success.”  The last part of that statement usually does not bode well for indie creative endeavors.  No matter.  While VERTIGO will always have a fond place in our hearts for introducing TRANSMETROPOLITAN, PREACHER, SANDMAN, 100 BULLETS, FABLES, Y: THE LAST MAN and many others, of late the offerings have been not up to the quality standards of those previous works. The single current exception to that is THE SHERIFF OF BABYLON which deserves further recognition. (BC REFUGEES reviewed the first issue in December 2015. Read it here . . . . . ).

     Granted, the comics industry has matured since the early days of VERTIGO (which used to own this particular segment of the market).  With IDW, BOOM!  STUDIOS, AVATAR PRESS, and others putting out high-quality limited and mini-series with mature subject matter on a regular basis - - we can certainly survive the absence of VERTIGO.  And IMAGE COMICS is the preferred place for creator-owned properties these days.  They offer the best deal with all rights, including film and TV, remaining with the creators.  They have been the true ground-breaking publisher for Vertigo-quality books for several years now. 

Choose wisely, DC!  And keep your movie people out of the decision process, please.  


A new digital comic debuted this week n the Panel Syndicate website.  Once the word gets out, it should become a best-seller.  Popular writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Marcos Martin have teamed up to produce a 31 page, black and white, one-shot special THE WALKING DEAD: THE ALIEN set within the continuity established by creator Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Allard.  How this story differs is that it is the first to feature the zombie apocalypse outside of the United States. The action takes place in Barcelona, Spain.  

THE WALKING DEAD: THE ALIEN is available on the Panel Syndicate site as a DRM-free, pay-what-you-like digital comic. You can preview the book here . . . . .

Vaughan and Marcos recently signed an agreement with Image Comics to debut the print edition of their other digital comic collaboration - - THE PRIVATE EYE - - also available on Panel Syndicate.


There is a lengthy and thorough interview covering actress Barbara Bain and her days on the landmark original Mission Impossible television show conducted by Paul Bens on the Nameless Digest site.  Anyone one interested in the show or Bain’s career will want to read this here . . .


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