Differences between comics' CIVIL WAR and upcoming movie CIVIL WAR

EDITOR’S NOTE:  There is a very well-researched article on the Comic Book Resources website regarding the upcoming Marvel CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR movie.  If the movie is only half as good as the 2006 limited series was, then it should be a vastly entertaining film.  In our opinion, the best two Marvel series of the 21st Century are CIVIL WAR and SECRET INVASION.  

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Granted, there are differences in characters between the comics and the movies.  So we should not expect the exact same situation or outcome.  There were also a large number of characters that took sides in the Marvel comics version; while there will be only those characters who have already been introduced in film (or about to be introduced) in the movie version. Also, the rationale and spark plug for registering super-heroes with the government differs.  

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We are looking forward to the movie. In the meantime, we can read this compelling comparison . . . . . . . . 



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