Get Into March Madness with Comic Book Resources heroes bracket


Not interested in the NCAA College Basketball Tournament of 64 beginning this week?  Bored with all the bracket fever?

Maybe you would prefer some head to head challenges of DC and Marvel TV heroes as portrayed by various actors?

Then, welcome to Comic Book Resources’   2016 DC/Marvel Comic Character Tournament!

Go to this site to enter the competition and submit your picks:    

This year (the 8th year) CBR is using just the television versions of DC and Marvel superheroes (The judges didn't count either Human Targets as “superheroes” , nor did they include  most SHIELD agents,. But they did count some of the more “super” SHIELD agents, as well as John Constantine.

This is not a head to head combat challenge for participants. It’s a popularity contest.  You’re voting for which superhero character (as portrayed by that actor) that you like the best.

Dont worry about the off-centered rankings and seedings.  Just jump in and have some fun with it. 

Just like in the March Madness competition, there are four regions:  Batcave, Daily Planet, Culver Institute, and Paradise Island.


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