Brilliance onscreen in AMERICAN HUSTLE


           I just saw AMERICAN HUSTLE and was blown away by the amazing performances.  I wasn't sure what to expect before I entered the movie theater, but I was impressed with all aspects of this great movie.

      The movie begins with a disclaimer - - - "some of these events actually happened" - - which is very appropriate since most of the script is the creation of the clever writers.  AMERICAN HUSTLE is loosely based on the late 1970's ABSCAM scandal where the FBI baited some corrupt members of Congress to accept bribes in exchange for favors, and then caught them in the act.   The script writers for AMERICAN HUSTLE then built an elaborate backstory and wove it into the actual events.  I'm sure some moviegoers are going to be confused and end up believing that this is the way it actually happened.  Anyone who does a little research into the actual events will realize that once they learn that all the characters in the movie have different names, including the FBI agents and Congressmen.

     The film is accurate in visualizing that period of time in every intricate detail and is a wonder to behold.  All the actors transform so well into their characters to make them very believable. Director/Writer David Russell gets the best performances from his cast.  Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper are top notch.  I've never seen Amy Adams play a role like this before, and play it so well. And since my only exposure to Jennifer Lawrence was THE HUNGER GAMES film I wasn't expecting much from here.  She is multi-dimensional and incredibly talented.  Her performance here is very note-worthy.  Jeremy Renner is also awesome as the mayor of Camden, New Jersey.  

   It's a great film and one of my favorites of 2013.  You can read more extensive reviews elsewhere, including a very good one from the Washington Post right here . . . . . .


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