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                                                                                                                                                                                                                     The website introduces the fundraising campaign with this statement . . . . .                                                                                                                                                                                     “You’ve seen Braveheart, Highlander, Rob Roy, and Brave - - - all great stories and ALL Scottish.   Now, cometh the Irish . . . cometh the heroes . . . The time has come for the greatest hero Ireland ever knew to awaken, and with him the ancient Gods and Goddesses of the underworld, the realm of faery, the sidhe.  Finn sends out a timeless call to the wild, to re-forge the Fianna of old and live again as the righful protectors of Ireland and the warrior Kings of old . . . FINN McCOOL . . . Celtic Ireland’s Greatest Hero!”



This will mark the first time ever that the story of Finn McCool, the legendary hero of ancient Ireland, has been presented in graphic novel form.   The passionate creator and historian Chris Brosnan has captured the hearts and minds of  the Irish (in both ethnicity and in spirit) with his campaign to tell the story of Finn McCool.


McCool was the warrior chief who founded the elite bodyguard to the High Kings of ancient Ireland, the Fianna, and saviour to his land.  In this contemporary re-telling, Finn now re-emerges after thousands of years as the legendary hero and mentor, returning from the underworld to claim his rightful place amongst the hero elite.  His story will be chronicled via a high quality graphic novel in hardcover.

To get further details and to contribute to the project, go to . . . . .


Among the perks being offered to contributors are signed copies of the graphic novel from creator Chris Brosnan; membership to clan McCool with signed and dated tribal certificate, signed copies of original artwork from artists John Walters and Courtney Davis; up to and including a journey to Ireland and tour of ancient sites associated with the Finn McCool mythology.

The producers of the Finn McCool project also plan to thank supporters by donating a percentage of profits from the graphic novel to a Dubin, Ireland charity.  The mission of The Irish Youth Foundation is to provide opportunites for children and young people facing adverse and extreme conditions to experience success in their lives. (Go to . . . http://www.iyf.ie/)   Per the official Finn McCool website, “part of what these stories stand for is the mentoring and initiation of our youth, by providing young people with a safe, integral and beautiful setting for them to explore their personal power while being mentored on the pathway of adulthood by trustworthy mentor figures. “

Chris Brosnan explains  “The first wave of funding gets us out into the world with this incredible story, on the Graphic Novel platform.  A completed Screenplay for the first film is here.  Part Two is well underway.  This is a  classic in the action adventure genre, and deserves serious studio consideration. But here's the thing - - - we don't want to just give it away to the big studios>  We want to produce as much of the project as possible with the help of public funding.  By doing so, we retain as much of the story's authenticity as we can.  From the Graphic Novel, to the big screen.  You are invited on that wild journey of creation, we want you to be a part of one of the finest stories to have ever come out of Ireland ... “


Chris Brosnan is the Writer/Producer of the Finn McCool project.  His background is in Film and T.V. production in the UK, as well as writing and performing for the music and stage industry.

Chris started his film career working alongside the likes of Clint Eastwood, Ron Howard, Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman in big budget feature films, learning from the best in movies such as: "Willow", "Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves", "White Hunter- Black Heart", "Batman", and many, many more.

Although Chris started his career as an actor, he found that he preferred the other side of the camera.  He became a writer/producer for stage in the early nineties and has also worked on productions for the BBC as well as many Independents.

The images in this article  are from the talents of John Walters, known for his Stunning VFX on the latest Spartacus series for the US STARZ channel and Courtney Davis, the world's leading Celtic illustrator.  Their artwork will become the imagery for the Graphic Novel - - - Walters with the graphic page layout and Davis  with his incredible Irish knot-work which brings in the magic of the Celtic world. 

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