Sneak Preview = upcoming CROSSED:BADLANDS art


Courtesy of Avatar Press, here are some previews of the first four pages  (just art by Raulo Caceres, no lettering completed yet) of CROSSED: BADLANDS #25 coming out this March.


Page 1            Page 2

If this lovely depiction of some scenes from Britain’s military history doesn’t whet your appetitive for this book, then how about this?  CROSSED: BADLANDS #25 begins a new story arc written by CROSSED creator Garth Ennis, and marks his first return to the title since the original creation of the series.

I can’t wait to read the book and see how Ennis ties these scenes into the main story.  Look to this website in the coming days for more details and insights into this “ C-Day” event.

Page 3          Page 4


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