BUSINESS NEWS: Superman stays put



On the surface it might appear as if this ruling reveals that the family/estate of Siegel made yet another bad deal as regards the rights/ownership of this iconic character.  At least, it appears that they will (or have) received some money($4 million is a bit better than the original deal back in the 1930’s). 

On the upside, regular readers of Superman will continue to be able to read new adventures every month without interruption as the ownership stays with Warner Bros./DC Comics.  I can’t imagine the Siegel family starting up their own comics company with Superman as the flagship title, then searching for a creative team, etc.   Had they won this appeal, most likely they would have put the Superman properties up on the market to the highest bidder. 

You can read the full story of the court ruling here . . . . .

as well as all the other news sites that will most likely carry this story.


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