PREVIEWS: What’s new for Wednesday, December 21, 2011

BALTIMORE VOLUME 1: THE PLAGUE SHIPS trade paperback - - - If you haven’t encountered Mignola’s latest creation - - the vampire and monster slayer Sir Lord Baltimore  - -- then you are in for a treat. If you enjoy tales of a horrific nature you just can’t go wrong with his HELLBOY, B.P.R..D., etc. and now BALTIMORE.

BATMAN #4 - - - Scott Snyder has opened his run on BATMAN with an intriguing tale involving a secret society/cult of Owls with their claws into every aspect of modern Gotham - - and the threads run back all the way to Bruce Wayne’s grandfather’s time.   The art is just killer.

BATMAN INC:  THE LEVIATHIAN STRIKES one shot.  I enjoyed Grant Morrison’s globe trotting BATMAN, INC. and look forward to reading this.

BUZZBOY: SIDEKICKS RULE trade paperback:  John Gallagher’s indie creation gets better distribution (thanks to some Kickstarter funding).  Good for all ages.

DAREDEVIL #7:  Mark Waid has made this book interesting again - - and one of the few Marvel titles that I still care to follow.

DARK HORSE PRESENTS #7: The best anthology of continuing short series for the money.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #4:  I’m still not sold on this title, but I’m moving beyond my initial 3-issue trial based on sheer optimism.  Time will tell if this becomes a monthly must-have.

MEMORIAL #1 of 6:  A new original fantasy world from the mind of prolific writer Chris Roberson.  I saw a short preview of this that made me curious and wanting to see more.

PLANET OF THE APES #9:  A new story arc begins here, which makes this a good place to find out what everybody is so excited about.  Actually, you can pick up any single issue of this title and get a good read, provided you are at least familiar with the basic premise of PLANET OF THE APES.

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AGENTS Vol 2 #2 of 6:  This mini-series had a great start with issue #1.  Trust writer Nick Spencer to keep things interesting and surprising.

WONDER WOMAN #4:  I’m in for a long haul on this title.  For the first time ever, I am very interesting in the adventures of WONDER WOMAN.  More to come.


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