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It's a Christmas miracle: a shocking surprise guest appearance by (the legendary) Bill Broomall -- I swear he doesn't look a day over 72 -- as he's allowed me to share his emails to his friend Tim Truman about IDW's new title Hawken #1 & #2 by Tim and his son Ben.

Hey Timbo!! I am still here and I got your e-mail about Hawken so I ran to The Comic Book Shop in Delaware to get my reserved copy!

My first comment is that the cover is fantastic but as usual, owning a few of your originals, the coloring fails to capture the depth of your work. I know the original must have captured the light brown with the dark brown more in depth than what is reproduced. As I have stated before, this is always a problem in reproducing your work. This is all the way from the Grimjack days to Hawken. Technology just has not caught up with you.

At first, the black and white format took me aback, but as I made it to page 2, I noticed that the color would not add or subtract from the story. That is how powerful and masterful the story-telling was.

To Ben: I must say that it is a relief, forgive us "Old dogs", (Sorry Tim but we both are heading to that category) that someone from the next generation has picked up the mantle in keeping the Western genre going. No matter what form it may take.

I felt all the old archetypes as I went through the battle with Hawken. I saw the Man with No Name, Outlaw Josey Wales, John Wayne as the Shootist, all of them. Then the character won his individuality as he shoots the man praying and the priest...a different breed indeed.

Did not expect the Bulldog to [spoiler to issue #1 ending]. I know there is a story here!

Last but not least, I assume [possible spoiler]? I will have to see.

Ben, the idea the even the [spoiler] stay away from Hawken as he rides away was powerful indeed. Though the best scene was the last 4 panels. S*#T on all the bastards!! Love it!

I am in for the long haul as usual!! Hi-Ho!!!!
And about #2...
Have to send off a Merry X-mas to you and the family and of course a review of Hawken #2!

Just finished Hawken. The owners of The Comic Book Shop were able to read #1 and #2 in one sitting and loved it. They have sold out of #1 and #2 is going fast so it is doing well here. I noticed that it has picked up a nice audience.

First I must say the with #2 the paper quality was a major improvement. This paper enhances your line work and just adds to the power of the story. The story continues to flow perfectly. My only question goes with the picture on page 8 and 10. I feel I know my western history well but I do not place anyone in the photo. Is it something you just downloaded and put in the story to add to feeling of the period? (Which was very well done). Or is it someone we know in the story? Is it your great grandparents? You know I must ask these things.

Not much to add Timbo. The story is just flowing perfectly. Storytelling does not get any better than this! Keep the Western alive!! 
 You can check out a 7 page preview of Hawken #1 here. Happy Holidays and Merry New Year, all!


  1. Nice to hear from Mr. Broomall! I'd love to see more of your comments/reviews here. I know how busy you are, but maybe you can find some time to do this again. HAWKEN is a great book and was on my priority pile for potential review. Since you did a good job already, I'll just hold off for now. Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays to one and all !!!


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