Guest night at Captain Blue Hen - - August 19, 2011


As a warm-up to the Baltimore Comic Con - - it served me well.

I obtained autographs in my copy of ALICE: FROM FABLETOWN WITH LOVE from Chris Roberson and Chrissie Zullo.Roberson reads favorite work 001

I learned that science fiction writer/publisher Chris Roberson had 13 books to his credit before his first work in comics - - and this from a person whose ambition was to begin his career in comics!

The work he is most proud of is his novel THE END OF THE CENTURY, and his favorite comic work so far is ELRIC.  He is also personal friends with writer and Elric creator Michael Moorcock.  (MoZullo explaining her art 003re on that in my next review of the ELRIC books.)

Chrissie Zullo’s   (some incredible work in her sketchbook!)  work in comics so far has been mostly covers, paintings and sequential art.  She is presently working on a five-page story for an upcoming woman’s anthology from IDW.  She is left-handed (for those who note these things).


Creator Tom Lynch describes himself as a “humor activitist”  and his web comic at  is different and funny.  He is a former native of Delaware who recently moved back into the local area  (Eastern Pennsylvania). 

Tom Lynch and contributors 005


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