1. I'm constantly amazed at what they get away with on this show...

  2. According to Comics Continuum, this episode will air on Cartoon Network on October 15 at 7pm:

    "The Mask of Matches Malone!" Batman gets amnesia while in his Matches Malone persona. Features a musical number by the Birds of Prey, including Black Canary and the Huntress. The opener includes Black Orchid and Poison Ivy. Written by Gail Simone, directed by Michael Chang.

  3. Of course Cartoon Network, being Cartoon Network, messed around with the schedule and ran the Ted Kord episode tonight instead. Presumably, Gail's episode will run next week. (And if you missed the Doom Patrol episode last week, try to catch a rerun. They faithfully adapted the most famous of all Doom Patrol comics.)

  4. Apparently the delay was because CN has decided to edit the episode for American broadcast. The copies that are available online are from the Australian broadcast, so if you know where to look you might want to grab it now before which version is which gets confusing.

  5. According to this thread on Gail's message board, the lyrics will be unchanged but a "couple seconds" of animation (like Huntress' wagging finger) will be altered. The episode has not been rescheduled yet, to my knowledge. ("Emperor Joker" will run this week, then "The Criss Cross Conspiracy".)


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