Generator Rex: "Operation Wingman"

Great adventure shows are strong enough to sustain an occasional out-and-out comedy. Last night's episode of Man of Action's Generator Rex, "Operation: Wingman", was their attempt at an episode like "This Little Piggy" (Justice League Unlimited) or "Mxyzpixilated" (Superman: The Animated Series) and it was hysterical. I can't seem to find a writing credit online, and I've already deleted the episode from the DVR, but great job somebody! (Edited to add: Duh, I didn't think to re-check the video after I added it below. The writing is credited to Eugene Son.)

Unfortunately, Cartoon Network doesn't seem to have a rerun scheduled, so if you're interested these YouTube videos will have to do for now if they last. (And possibly there are other sources if you know where to look.)

Edited Sunday to add: The videos below are dead, which I expected to happen. Rather than chasing links and updating this post continuously, if you go to YouTube and search for "Generator Rex Operation Wingman" or "Generator Rex Episode 11" you should still be able to find the show.

And in case the embeds don't work:

Part 1 (11 minutes)

Part 2 (11 minutes)


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