Turok #1 Launch Party with GREG PAK and Adam WarRock

 THE COMIC BOOK SHOP in Wilmington, Delaware celebrates the release of TUROK, DINOAUR HUNTER #1  from Dynamite Entertainment with a launch party on Thursday, February 6th with writer Greg Pak and musical guest Adam WarRock.   The excitement begins at 5 p.m. at the store location at 1855 Marsh Road.
          Mostly known for his work on Marvel’s PLANET HULK and currently writing BATMAN/SUPERMAN for DC and ETERNAL WARRIOR for Valiant, Greg Pak is a multi-talented creator with film-making and acting/improvisational skills in addition to his credentials in comic book scripting.  His latest work is TUROK: DINOSAUR HUNTER for Dynamite Entertainment.  Pak will be signing his books and chatting with fans during his visit to The Comic Book Shop. 

Pak images

          A native of Texas, Pak currently resides in New York which serves as the hub for his film directing and comic scripting endeavors.  He is a graduate of Yale University, where he wrote for the campus humor magazine and was also a member of an improv group.  He later received a Rhodes Scholarship to study history at Oxford and finally film studies at New York University. 

          On TUROK: DINOSAUR HUNTER,  Pak said in a Comic Vine interview:  “This is a story about a Native American fighting dinosaurs.  That is all you need to know.  . . . . “

          “. . . . . I’m not even really kidding, here.  This is great high adventure, alternate history stuff.  we’re doing some really fun world building that should appeal to anyone who gets a kick out of  historical fiction in particular.  But the core of the story is about a young man grappling with a life-and-death struggle that threatens his entire world. . . .. With Dinosaurs! “’

          Pak later told Comics Beat that:  “ . . . . . we’ve got  new angle on Turok, entering his story at an earlier stage than most previous tales.  He’s a young man, an exile from his tribe struggling to survive in a brutal world.  So even before the dinosaurs hit, he’s had to learn how to survive by the skin of his teeth.  But does that set him up to be his people’s savior - - or the ultimate predator?”

More information on Greg Pak can be learned at his official website at   http://gregpak.com/

          Hip-Hop artist Adam WarRock makes “positively-charged music about Comics, Pop Culture, and other geeky stuff!”  His most recent offering is a humorous tribute to actor Bernard Cumberbatch.

WarRock images

         The biography on his official website - - - - -       

  http://www.adamwarrock.com/    states that  “ . . . . .     . His story is one of do-it-yourself, independent determination, having gone from a humble website to a full-time music career.  Having tapped into the current culture, he’s caught attention from the biggest figures and sites on the web.  Whether being personally cited by Nathan Fillion for his Firely-inspired Browncoats Mixtape, praised by TV critics and cast members for his Parks & Rec EP, or made fans out of artists and writers for his comic book-influenced music, he’s gained the respect of the most fickle audiences and harshest critics around. . . .”

WarRock cd images

          “ . . . . . The list of credentials keeps growing, having had his music appear on sites such as io9, WIRED, AV Club, Time, SPIN, and more.  Twice an official SXSW showcase artist, main stage performer at PAX Prime, and having toured with some of the biggest acts around, he continues to turn the heads of music fans, nerds and geeks, and people who love sincere, personal and well-crafted music.  As written in SF Weekly, “Hip hop heads and [nerds] alike will have at least one aspect of his music to carry them through.  And for those who fall in the center of that rap/geek Venn diagram, damn it, you’re in luck.” 




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