SAGA - - - a critical analysis of the impact on the industry


EDITOR’S NOTE:  I was hoping to begin posting several articles covering the Best of 2013 beginning on New Years Eve (12/31/2013) and continuing into January 2014.  Those plans were scrapped by some unplanned travel, which I’m feeling compelled to write about (it’s not comics related at all) and may still do although I’m holding back at present.  In the meantime, SAGA at Image Comics, following the receipt of numerous Harvey Awards in 2013 continues to captivate the attention of many comics blogs and has been mentioned again on many Best of 2013 lists.  


I have not been following SAGA but feel that it deserves some mention here on the BC  REFUGEES site.   I did purchase and read Issue #1 but was not impressed and decided not to continue. After hearing it mentioned so often, and following the Harvey Awards receipts - - I reconsidered my decision and then  purchased the first volume/story arc in trade paperback.  However, I still haven’t read it. 

There have been several well done reviews and critical pieces written about SAGA.  The best that I have seen was recently published in the PASTE online web magazine Issue #122.   It’s a lengthy piece from writer Sean Edgar, but very thorough and worth your time . . . . . . .


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