New contributor to BC Refugees: meet JIM


   We welcome our new reviewer, Jim Dietrich, to the BC Refugees blog.   Jim is also an avid comics enthusiast, and serves as DC counterpoint to Ken’s Marvel inclinations.   Jim is a critical but objective analyst, whose eye for detail and underlying themes is always something to look forward to in his reviews.   With our other new reviewer (Ken) and also Kita Roberts  , Jim can be heard regularly on From The Booth, the official podcast of Captain Blue Hen Comics in Newark, Delaware.

jim d

We’ll let Jim tell you more in his own words:

          “Jim is an electrical engineer working in the telecomm industry, but that's just his day job.  When he's not typing this paragraph, he's a frequent comics reader (has been since the 80's), and co-host of the From The Booth podcast along with new BC Refugees contributor Ken.  Of course, he is also a husband and proud father 24/7.

          "I'm always on the lookout for new pulpits from which to preach the gospel of good comics, good movies, and good sci-fi.   That's why I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of BC Refugees," Jim thought as he typed his....thoughts.   "I look forward to being a contributor," he added, intelligently. 


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