Buried Treasured August 10, 2013: More books worth digging up

SECRET WARRIORS VOL. 1 TPB: NICK FURY, AGENT OF NOTHING (Marvel 2008-2009) Story: Brian Michael Bendis and Jonathan Hickman. Artist: Stefano Caselli

This was published during the years in which Marvel was cranking out some dynamic books, and could seemingly do no wrong (with a few exceptions). If you need a reminder of the heights of greatness that the House Of Ideas is capable of then pick up this trade paperback. (Just don’t look for much current evidence - - hopefully it’s just a down period and will bounce back). SECRET WARRIORS VOLUME 1 stands as a textbook example of good, solid storytelling. The pacing is perfect. Each chapter brings new revelations and new layers of complexity. But the tale is told is such a style that the reader never gets confused or bogged down in details. You can follow the story in this book without any trouble. The artwork is super-steady and helps maintain the flow.

Events here occur just after the end of SECRET INVASION, as S.H.I.EL.D. is disbanded and H.A.M.M.E.R. takes over the job of national security. Nick Fury loses his job; and Norm Osborn gets way too much power and influence. Fury goes underground after discovering that he’s been a tool for the last several decades. He’s been played and he’s not happy. He assembles a young team to assist him in stealthily disrupting the machinations of a corrupt security force that he once commanded. Hydra shows up, with Baron Strucker revived and in charge. Before things are over, the Howling Commandos get involved as well as many displaced and disgruntled former S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. There are some impassioned speeches and conversations throughout the book to inspire, admire, and make us feel patriotic and proud of our country. If you love the great characterization and detail that Brubaker poured into his run on CAPTAIN AMERICA, then you will really appreciate what Bendis and Hickman have done here.

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