Marvel House Of Ideas Panel at San Diego Comic Con

While I'd much prefer to be posting this live from the convention, thanks to the magic of a live blog invite I can share some of the news.

Marvel used their first House Of Ideas Panel today at SDCC to promote Infinite Comics, Marvel Unlimited, Marvel AR, and Marvel original video programming on the website.

Hosted by Arune Singh, the House Of Ideas panel included Ryan Penagos, Brian Michael Bendis, Axel Alonso, Ty Jefferson, Ron Perazza, and C.B. Cebulski.

Brian Michael Bendis talked about his Guardians Of The Galaxy Infinite Comic after a brief video for Infinite Comics was played. This digital-only comics provide single panels that reveal more detail and expand as the reader clicks on the images. He explained "we work Marvel style on the scripts, which is kind of like doing a book report on a book that doesn't exist and then letting the artist work with it."

Axel Alonso has high expectations for the format as he explained "with Infinite Comics we're not only changing the way you read comics but the way we make comics. For the last several decades, we've been working within the same constraint. Now we're opening new innovations up with technology. It's the new frontier."

Right now, The Wolverine:Japan's Most Wanted Infinite Comic by Jason Aaron, Jason Latour and Paco Diaz is being offered weekly for $2.99. In October Iron Man:Fatal Frontier Infinite Comics, tied into the current comic, begins weekly for $2.99.

Marvel Unlimited is a digital only subscription service that offers full access to 70 years of Marvel archives. "Somebody asked me what they should read on Marvel Unlimited," recalls Bendis. "Netflix is great for binge watching. This is that for comics. Some guy read my whole Avengers run last weekend. EIght years of my life! Read Nextwave, the craziest thing Marvel ever published. Old Man Logan is on there too!"

Other recommendations from panel members were Chris Claremont's X-Men (CB Cebulski), the current run of Spider-Man (Ron Perazza), Walt Simonson's Thor (TQ Jefferson), and Chris Claremont & Frank Miller's Wolverine (Ryan Penagos).

Marvel continues to upgrade its' video programs on Earth's Mightiest Show, described as "a pop culture show through a Marvel lens" debuted on July 12. Hosted by Blair Butler, the fast-paced short show features news, talk and special guests like Seth Green (voice of Avon on Hulk & The Agents Of S.M.A.S.H.), Duncan Rouleau & Joe Casey (Avengers Assemble and Ben 10 cartoons), and Matt Smith (an upcoming episode). The show will also spotlight TV, movies, video games and gadgets.

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