July 2012 Best Sellers

I just wanted to share some interesting Information I learned via the Comics Price Guide news source regarding the top selling comics for July 2012.


1. The Walking Dead # 100, which featured 12 different covers - - one of which is now fetching an unheard of re-sell price of $250.

2. Avengers Versus X-Men #7.

3. Avengers Versus X- Men #8.

4. Batman #11.

5. Justice League #11.

6. Detective Comics #11.

7. AVX: VS #4.

8. Green Lantern #11.

9. Action Comics #11.

10. Before Watchmen: Ozymandias #1.

It's interesting to me to see that almost one year after the introduction of The New 52 that DC dominates by placing six books in The Top Ten. If Marvel didn't have Avengers VS. X-Men in current circulation might that number be even larger? We'll see what happens when it ends.

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