They Said It Better: Priest on Marketing

Joe Bennett breathes new life into the would-be Panther, Kasper Cole as The White Tiger in "The Crew".
I couldn't be happier to see comics writer/editor Christopher Priest blogging again at his new web site. His old site at is full of behind-the-scenes observations about the comic business and his time on Black Panther, Spider-Man, Justice League Task Force, and more. His recent post at the new blog about his short-lived Marvel series "The Crew", while not specifically about marketing comics to women, I think contains some lessons that apply to last week's Starfire and Catwoman controversies: twelve years behind desks at Marvel and DC, what I saw from the sales force were white guys talking to white guys about selling to white guys. They were woefully inept at connecting to women or minorities, and, to my knowledge, have never developed strong relationships in black or Latino markets.
Priest's blog entry about The Crew is here, and there's a great new look back at his Black Panther series here. (And his old blog is full of Panther stuff too.)


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