FCBD – what about the super-heroes? - - - Part 7

FCBD 2011 GREEN LANTERN FLASHPOINT SPECIAL EDITION 1 (DC Comics June 2011) “Green Lantern” Secret Origin Book 2”  Geoff Johns, Writer. Ivan Reis, Art. OClair Albert, Inks. Randy Mayor, Colors. Rob Leigh, Letters.  “Flashpoint Preview” Geoff Johns, story.  Andy Kubert, art.

Many of us know this story by heart.  However,  put a little spin on it, write an entertaining script and couple that with dynamic art - - - and no one minds reading it all over again.  The familiar becomes fresh once again.  I loved both story and art here  - - - and I’m not a diehard Green Lantern fan. 


There’s a little bit of background on Abin Sur here that I don’t remember reading before  - - and Geoff Johns establishes a connection between his choosing to land his disabled spaceship on Earth and the much later advent of the “blackest night”.   It’s probably no coincidence that Hal Jordan as depicted here bears more resemblance to actor Ryan Reynolds (soon to be seen in green on screen)  than I recall of other artist portrayals.   Carol Ferris has never looked better, and never been more independent and assertive than in this new version (as least in my limited recollection from Green Lantern readings).

This book is more than adequate as an introduction to Green Lantern tales for someone who was prompted by the movie to check out the comics.  There is also much for long-time fans to appreciate, especially the full page and double page art panels by Reis  - - whose work just gets better all the time.

The same can be said for Andy Kubert’s work in the special Flashpoint preview.  There’s a new flashback to early toddler Barry Allen that hints that his single parent mom (Nora Allen ) may have some secrets in her past.  Then the next seven panels cover the origin and history of Barry Allen/Flash albeit incredibly briefly before Barry wakes up, realizes the universe is slightly askew/incorrect,  and seeks out Batman to help fix it.  What a tease!  (Followed by a checklist that lets you know in order to read the first two months of the complete epic you will have to purchase 24 issues).

FCBD 2011 YOUNG JUSTICE BATMAN BB SUPER SAMPLER 1  (DC Comics July 2011) Young Justice in “Feed Your Fears”.  Written by Art Baltazar And Franco.  Artist Mike Norton.  Colorist Zac Atkinson.  Letterer Carlos M. Mangual.  Batman and The Flash in “Let Me Tell You About Bruce wayne . . .”  Sholly Fisch, Writer.  Rick Burchett, Penciller.  Dan Davis, Inker.  Gabe Eltaeb, Colorist.  Travis Lanham, Letterer.

FCBD 10 DCKids

The YOUNG JUSTICE television show on Cartoon Network is very well done  - - one of the best youth-oriented superhero cartoon shows I have seen.  I was a little disappointed in the first issue of the YOUNG JUSTICE comic based on the same show.  It just didn’t seem to match the same level of quality as the book.  However, after reading the FCBD edition, I’m ready to revise my opinion favorably.  Maybe the writing team needed a few issues to really hit their stride and get more comfortable with this book.  Seems like it, judging by this issue.  The art also seems more closely aligned with the style and quality of the cartoon than I recall seeing in Issue #1.  Hats off to progress!

The main villain here, the Psycho Pirate, is an appropriate foil and allows for the writers to explore/explain some of the character traits/flaws of each member of Young Justice as they fall under the “self-doubting” influence of his power.   The ending shows the power of working together and leaves a nice little message for young readers as well.

The Batman story also covers a lot of ground and serves as a good introduction to young readers.  Batman and The Flash work their fannies off trying to thwart crime where it will appear next.  The action is framed/prefaced by an elaborate formal dinner party where the elite gossip about the missing Bruce Wayne and accuse him of many character flaws (all proven wrong by Batman and The Flash as their actions leave evidence to the contrary).  Even Alfred gets in a little commentary.  Well done story.


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