Next Avengers: Friday 12/31 on Disney XD

I'm working on a couple of entries for later in the week: A "lightning round" post to clear out all the comics I haven't written about yet this year, and a compare-and-contrast of "Superman: Earth One", "Superman: Secret Origin", "Superman: Birthright" and "Absolute All-Star Superman". In the meantime, since it's relevant to the first six issues of Brian Bendis' "Avengers", I wanted to mention that Disney XD is running the animated "Next Avengers" movie this Friday (12/31) at 4pm. It's the best of the Marvel DVDs so far (not counting "Hulk vs.", which I haven't seen) and I'm told that kids especially enjoy it. (That's how the characters wound up in "Avengers" actually, Bendis' daughter loved the movie.)


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