Books I Read: Podcast Edition

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When we got our second two feet of snow last week, I couldn’t get to work because my office parking lot hadn’t been plowed and I worked from home for the day. I’m able to do everything from home that I can do from my office, except take support calls from our Skype account, because I didn’t have a microphone at home. So I bought a Logitech USB Desktop Microphone for the next work-at-home occasion and since I have a radio background, I thought it might be fun to test my new hardware by doing some book reviews as a podcast. I have mixed feelings about podcasts – though there are several (Car Talk, Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me, Radiolab, Word Balloon, Radio Free Burrito, Stack Overflow) that I follow regularly – because I am a very fast reader, but of course I can only listen as fast as everyone else. It is faster to record than to write, however, so I gave it a try. I didn’t do any editing, so you get to listen to all my “um”s and awkward pauses, but I think it came out OK. I don’t know if I want to keep doing it, but if people are enthusiastic we’ll see. There’s a download link for the (approx. 13 min) MP3 file below; I didn’t have time today to figure out how to embed a player in this page but I’ll try to look into it during the week.

Edited to add: To answer the question I posed in the podcast, Bill says he liked "Savior 28" but not as much as I did.

Download podcast #1 from Windows Live Skydrive.

Download podcast #1 from Google Sites.


  1. I liked it a lot. Good job.
    The reviews were good and seemed a little more detailed than your written works. Maybe you are more comfortable in this format.
    It certainly didn't sound scripted, and I give you credit for that. I don't think I could pull something like this off without scripting it first.
    You sounded as if you were comfortable and speaking naturally rather than forced, sometimes giving up opinions or extra thoughts right off the top of your head. I'm guessing maybe you had some things jotted down on note cards to keep you on track.
    It was certainly entertaining. And if you liked doing it I hope you'll try it again.

  2. Thanks. I didn't write copy first, but I did have basically what I wanted to say worked out in my head.


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