My Brush with “Logan’s Run”

Mike’s excellent “Logan’s Run” posts here and here reminded me of a story I shared with some of you by email a while back, in the days before the blog. I went to see the movie with my Dad when it first came out, but he never had an interest in SF and I was frankly too young (about 9 years old) for it so we got bored and left before the end. Later, I discovered the comic and not only fell in love with George Perez’ art but I “got” the story because either they dumbed it down or I was better able to follow it at my own pace. Anyway, my enthusiasm led to the only letter I ever wrote to a comic which was published in Marvel’s Logan’s Run #7 in 1977:


Yes, they printed full addresses in those days – my family doesn’t live there anymore, by the way, so don’t bother planning a visit – and even though they printed the wrong house number that somehow didn’t stop the hate mail from a random jerk who disagreed with me about the movie, thus ending my letter writing career.


  1. You got hate mail? That's insane. It is a fun story for you, though.

  2. Yeah, I wish I still had the letters but they're long gone. The way I remember it, he wrote twice to cuss me out about my opinion (using words I didn't know at that age). And don't forget in those days, you couldn't just dash off a comment on a web site -- he actually had to go to the trouble to write letters and mail them. Plus, he must have known he was writing to a kid because my letter says "Dad buys my comics for me".

  3. Great story, Jeff. I'm glad you saved the issue so you could copy the letter for us to see.
    There's always some spoilsport out there to take issue with a young person's opinions and discourage them from writing further letters. I hope that letter writer is reading your blogs so he knows he no longer has an impact on you.
    To he I say . . . . NA NA NA NA - - NA NA NA NA - - - HEY HEY HEY - - - GUH-OUD-BYE-EYE!


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