The Super Hero Squad Show

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I watched the two episode sneak preview of Marvel Animation's “The Super Hero Squad Show” on Cartoon Network tonight and, though I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised, it was pretty much what I expected. I’m not the target audience, so I won’t bash it too much – in fact, I think 8-year-old boys and under might like it a lot. The voice acting is fun and over the top and the animation is pretty good considering the kiddie character designs (especially the title sequence), but this isn’t one of those things that can be enjoyed on different levels by kids and adults – it’s mainly fart jokes and bathroom humor. It’s fun to see some of the obscure Marvel characters like Modok, the Wrecking Crew and Ms. Marvel (who I don’t think has ever been animated before) but for comics readers and older kids I have to recommend “Spectacular Spider-Man” on Disney XD or “Wolverine and the X-Men” on Nicktoons instead. (If you do have young kids you think might like this, the schedule is available by clicking the picture above.)

Update (July 2010): I've seen the rest of the first season now, most of which relied a lot less on bathroom humor, and I now pretty much agree with this recent Newsarama review.


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